All You Need to Know About Survival Equipment for Spring Floods

Last Updated: 18.09.20


Spring floods can cause a lot of damage and being prepared for them in case you live in an area where you can be affected is of the utmost importance. If this type of disaster comes your way, there are two major situations to consider: staying inside your home, or leaving the premises. Either way, being informed on the latest news is important, which is why having a weather radio is highly recommended. With the help of such a device, you will be able to stay in touch with the latest developments, and learn when it is safe to leave your location or go back home.

2.The best survival equipment for the spring floods

First things first: food and water

In case you decide to remain in your home, alone or together with your family, the first necessities to consider are food and water. Make sure you have enough for all the people who are going to stay inside the house for at least three days. One gallon of water per person for daily usage should be a good starting point, and, as far as food is concerned, stock on foods that do not spoil. Canned foods are a good choice, and consider the fact that electricity may be out for several days at least.


Emergency tools

There are many things that can go wrong while spring floods are wrecking havoc in your neighborhood. Having all the necessary emergency tools nearby is advisable. A fire extinguisher is a must, preferably one that can extinguish local fires; a flashlight and enough batteries for it should also be on your list. Do not forget about a weather radio that is also battery powered. With its help, you will keep up to date with everything that happens outside and you will know when it is safe to go out of the house and start repairing the damages.


Items for your family’s well being

Staying cooped up inside with nothing to do can make any person get bored and annoyed. Especially if you have kids, things can get rather unpleasant when they will start getting on your already stretched nerves. Make sure that you have plenty of toys and games to keep them entertained, the types that do not need a computer or any other electricity powered device. Your family’s well being depends on many things, so making a list can help you. Write down things such as toiletries, proper clothing, blankets, special items members of your family may need and so on.

Do not forget about getting a first aid kit in case someone gets injured by accident. Medication for common ailments is also a must, as well as those needed for the chronically ill. Make sure you have plenty of cash at hand, since it may be a while until local ATMs could be usable.


In brief

From a weather radio to keep in touch with all the alerts, to all the emergency tools and necessities required, being prepared for the spring floods can take your family through tough times without difficulty.


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