AcuRite 01512 Wireless Review

Last Updated: 18.09.20


Main advantage

This Acurite model is a reliable 5-in-1 weather station that can give you accurate temperature, humidity, rain, and wind speed/direction readings. You get both real-time readings and weather predictions, as well as statistics on rainfall and other parameters by day, month, or even year, in case you’re trying to find some patterns.

This unit is also easy to setup and use so anyone can benefit from it, not just people who are tech-savvy.


Main disadvantage

Some users noted that the outdoor sensor needs to be mounted in a high position for accurate wind speed and direction readings, which might cause it to give higher temperature readings on sunny days due to overheating. However, this sensor can be mounted on a tree or in another place that is shaded from the sun but which can still give precise wind speed readings.

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Main features explained



Accurate 5-in-1 sensor

This model comes with a multi-functional sensor that reads and then transmits data regarding temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, as well as rainfall in order to generate accurate weather predictions and changing trends.

All this data is then transmitted through a wireless connection to the weather station which then displays both outdoor and indoor readings. This mobile unit includes a high-speed anemometer with 2 types of sensors, a thermometer, as well as a rain collector. The sensor works even in temperatures as low as -40, and you get a battery life of up to 2 years.

Professional forecasts

With this advanced weather station, you can now plan your day in advance. The precise data gathered from the sensors and the complex algorithm ensure accurate weather prediction patterns so you know what to expect at any point of the day.

Besides real-time readings, this unit can also store data and give you statistics on rainfall, temperature, and other parameters by day, month, year, or even an all-time tracking statistic. For example, you can see the number of days with rain in the current month, as well as the total amount of rainfall recorded.

This device also displays current wind speed and can record speeds of up to 99 miles per hour. Wind direction is shown on a wind rose which has 16 points so that you get to enjoy highly accurate readings.


Easy setup and use

This wireless weather station is also incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is to start it, tweak a few settings, and you’re set to go. The device might need a couple of weeks of data gathering until it can self-calibrate properly, after which you will receive accurate and up-to-date weather predictions which are personalized for your location.

You can select the brightness level with a simple push of a button, and you can customize Weather Ticker streams. Another thing you can set is text alarms for things such as moon phases, specific temperatures and comfort levels, low or high parameter records, or actual temperature ‘feel like’.


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