5 Tips for a Safe Camping Trip

Last Updated: 18.09.20


Embarking on a camping trip requires plenty of preparation. Due to the natural excitement that accompanies such a trip, you may overlook some important aspects that can turn your trip into a not so pleasant experience. Staying safe is the most important thing to keep in mind, which is why the following tips are focused on helping you protect yourself and your family against any mishaps that may occur.

1.5 tips for a safe camping trip

Bring food and water

Safe sources of food and water may be tough to find in the area you plan to visit. Especially water can pose many problems, since clean sources are not available everywhere. Make sure to pack enough bottled water for all the people who are traveling with you, as well as pets. To have everyone safe, healthy and happy, is after all, your permanent goal and that is why you need to consider such aspects first. Foods that do not spoil should be on your list, right after water, along with proper storage.


Be aware of wild life

Wild life does not mean only curious bears that are attracted by the smell of your food. All kinds of animals lurk in the wild, and some may not seem as dangerous as the aforementioned species. Refrain from touching them or getting in contact with them, as they can carry a wide range of diseases. Get vaccinated, and do the same for the entire family, so that you do not have to rush to the emergency room instead of enjoying your vacation.

Not all wild life will make its presence known by simply appearing in your field of view. Small critters like mosquitoes and bugs can have a pretty nasty sting or bite, so be prepared with all that is needed for repelling them or for treating the occasional problems.


Keep warm or cold

Depending on where you are traveling, excessive cold or sun exposure can be a major problem. The first situation requires you to pack enough warm clothes for you and everyone else, as well as blankets and other means to keep warm. If the sun is bright in the sky, and sun burns and heat stroke could be a problem, make sure the clothes everyone wears is capable to diminishing the impact. Pack a sunscreen cream and bring hats that can protect your face. Wear loose fitting clothes and do not spend too much time in the sun.


Have a weather radio with you

When you are spending time in an area you do not know that well, disasters may hit at any moment. A good idea would be to have a weather radio with you, the battery powered type, preferably. This type of radio will keep you informed on any weather changes that can ruin your camping trip.

2.5 tips for a safe camping trip

Get protection equipment

Kids, but not only, can get injured when performing various activities in the wild. Pack some helmets, life jackets and any other protection equipment you may need in order to keep everyone safe during the family camping trip.


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