Suunto Traverse Review

Last Updated: 18.08.19



Main advantage

If you’re a nature explorer in need of a guide to make sure you reach your desired destination and want to tailor your outdoor adventure according to the weather forecast, this weather wrist watch might be just what you need. Designed to help you explore new places through GPS and GLONASS Satellite navigation systems and allow you to upload routes, and get weather information, this product is easy to use and ideal for treks in the wild.


Main disadvantage

Although most reviews coming from customers who tried the product are positive, we have found a few complaints regarding the battery life. Some users say the watch does not last up to 100 hours as advertised, especially when certain functions are used. Also, according to one buyer, the display is hard to see in bright light.

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Main features explained


Topographic maps and GPS

Engineered with nature explorers in mind, this weather wrist watch is, first of all, a gadget that will help you plan your next outdoor fun and stick to your route thanks to its GPS and GLONASS Satellite navigation systems. You can, thus, choose your route on Movescount using topographic maps and then make sure you follow it by making use of the GPS unit that the product features.

Once you’ve done exploring the areas you were interested in, you can discover new routes with the help of heat maps available on the Suunto Movescount site and app. This way, you can enjoy your trek without worrying you might get lost. Suunto will be within reach to give you information related to your location.

Weather forecast

Since we’re talking about a weather wrist watch, the main benefit you will get to enjoy is the weather information and we all know how precious that is when exploring outdoors. Weather changes are predicted due to the barometric feature. You will be notified when a storm unfolds near you and you need to find shelter.

Moreover, thanks to the sunrise and sunset times, the users will know the precise number of daylight hours available for their various activities. However, when it gets dark, the backlight in flashlight mode will enable you to check your route or find the items you carry with you.


Rugged build and additional features

Because outdoor adventures can get really messy and expose your gear to all sorts of elements such as rain, mud, wind, and dust, this weather wrist watch was built to make sure it will put up with all that flawlessly. The product is water resistant to 330 ft. Screen protection is ensured by the stainless steel bezel whereas comfort is enhanced by the lightweight composite case.

Last but not least, the watch is made to enable you to keep track of time. The automatic DST adjustment and GPS timekeeping will help you be on time no matter your location. Furthermore, you can use this gadget to track speed, altitude, distance, calories, and steps. To keep you connected, the watch supports incoming texts, calls, and push notifications from your smartphone.


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