Main advantage

SOG’s F182N-CP was designed as a combination of the tactical Tomahawk and the Fast Hawk, two great tools with different qualities. The resulting Voodoo Hawk Mini is smaller and lighter, but features the components that can help you out in many situations.

Versatility is the term that best defines this hatchet, as it includes an extended cutting head, a spike for piercing applications, a compact glass-reinforced nylon handle, and a metal pommel cap. The Voodoo Hawk Mini has everything the Voodoo Hawk boasts but in a smaller version, which makes it great to carry around.


Main disadvantage

According to some users, the Voodoo Hawk Mini’s out of factory blade is not as sharp as it could be, which can be pretty frustrating in case you are planning to use it right away. The spike is very pointy, which is useful if you want to throw it into a chunk of wood; however, the blade could use some improvements.

The good news is that if you encounter a not-so-sharp blade, you can quickly and easily fix it by, of course, sharpening it. The materials are high-quality, so this is not an issue and you can surely make this tool one that can be used in a wide range of situations.

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Main features explained


Design and construction

This smaller throwing hawk was constructed for heavy-duty jobs, as it features a large cutting-edge compact handle that ensures a great grip. The stainless steel material used is high-quality, so you won’t be let down once you start using it.

Given that it’s a crossover between two models, featuring one’s capabilities in a smaller version, it’s a great choice for outdoor travelers, such as backpackers, hikers, hunters, or paddlers. If you are a fan of these activities and are in the market for a portable, yet reliable tool, then this hawk could be the solution for you.

Its satin finish is very stylish and, let’s face it, looks pretty cool. In terms of size, the overall length is of 12.5” and thanks to its 23.1oz weight almost anyone can use it. If you are not experienced at throwing hawks, you should make sure you properly learn the skills before taking the tool with you into the wild.

Handle and grip

As you can only imagine, a good grip is essential when handling such an object. Besides throwing it in the desired direction, you also want to avoid any risk of it slipping. Luckily, SOG took this into account and designed a cutting-edge handle to fit such a small yet powerful tool.

The ergonomic design ensures a firm but comfortable grip even for extended use, while the handle itself is sturdily built. Being reinforced with glass and nylon, it remains strong even under extended use, so you can always have a reliable tool next to you.

When it comes to the extended cutting head, this is reinforced to the handle adding to the overall strength and durability. The included top-loading sheath allows the Voodoo Hawk Mini to be easily carried on your belt or gear in order to have it within reach at all times.


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