SE EB122OR Emergency Kit Review

Last Updated: 18.08.19

Main advantage

This kit contains two items, namely a sleeping bag and a survival emergency compass. The reason for which we list this combination as the main advantage is because it can keep you alive in extreme conditions. The blanket will, of course, keep you warm and protect you, while the compass will guide you in case you find yourself lost.


Main disadvantage

The color of this sleeping bag is quite shiny and visible from far away. This can definitely be an advantage in certain situations when a search and rescue mission is needed, but for some users this is also a disadvantage. The most important thing to think about is how you might need to use it and if you want to invite everyone to the party or not.

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Main features explained


Keeps you warm

This emergency sleeping bag was conceived and constructed to retain body heat, which is surely useful in many situations. Moreover, the material used is heat-reflective, which made certain users actually sweat a little bit. For this reason, you don’t need to worry that it might not be effective in keeping you warm.

Besides the materials used, an emergency blanket has to be able to thoroughly cover every inch of the body in order to be effective. Here as well, the EB122OR kit ticks all the boxes, as the blanket measures 84” in length and 36” in width, making it suitable for a wide range of users.




When it comes to emergency blankets, another element that is crucial and that can make all the difference is the material’s resistance. In this case, the blanket included in this kit is made for heavy-duty use, being both tear-resistant and reusable. Therefore, you don’t need to worry one bit that your investment will not be an effective one.

Plus, carrying it around and taking it with you anywhere you might go is not a problem either, since it only weighs 5.8 ounces. You can get one for yourself and one for each family member if you are traveling together for long distances.


Heavy-duty compass

As the blanket is not the only element that makes this kit a great one, let’s take a closer look at what the compass has to offer, since it’s the guiding tool in case anything goes wrong and you end up in a situation where you have no idea which way to go.

Its heavy-duty construction includes a digital camouflage print cover, and it gets delivered with a water-resistance nylon pouch. This handy item is extremely useful if you go hiking, camping, or scouting as well. Being a fan of outdoor adventures means that you always need to be prepared.


Easy to use  

The compass includes a tripod screw hole on it base, as well as an adjustable diopter sighting lens, and sighting lines on the cover. Moreover, the conversion chart for angle, gradient, and distance on the back plate is definitely useful, as it ensures accurate readings in many situations you might find yourself in.


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