Retevis H-777 Review


Main advantage

With this two-way long-range radio walkie talkie, you get crystal clear voice transmission that allows you to effectively communicate in many different situations. The device’s best asset is that you can operate it extremely easily. All you have to do is select the channel and press the PTT button to talk.

This feature is useful, as anyone can learn how to operate it within a very short amount of time, meaning you can take the set with you wherever you go and get to communicate with anyone in any location. This is particularly great when you need to send messages quickly, without the fuss of using mobile phones.


Main disadvantage

Although most reviews praise the wide range these walkie-talkies cover, some users have experienced issues with the battery life, namely that it will not hold very long or that it quickly discharges. If you are considering buying these devices, then having a backup battery seems like a good idea.

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Main features explained


Easy to carry around

Of course, when it comes to walkie talkies you expect the device to be portable. However, Retevis’ H-777 model is highly portable, only weighing 6.3oz with a small and smooth construction that ensures you can always have it around you.

Moreover, the package also includes belt clips, so that you can attach it at your waist or other convenient body areas, to make it highly reachable in any given situation. Also in terms of usability, the built-in LED torch makes things a lot easier if you find yourself in a dark environment.


Channel options

The H-777 features a time-out-timer (TOT), which prevents users from occupying the channel for a long period of time. This comes in handy especially in situations that have a potentially dangerous component and where communication has to be available at all times.

Another cool feature is the function that allows you to scan channels or privacy codes within a channel and locate conversations in progress. This way you can be sure that you know what is going on before engaging into a conversation that might give information away.

On the same note, these walkie talkies also include a busy channel lock-out, which means that the transmission is prevented whenever the unit detects another conversation in the same channel, thus ensuring an optimal flow of communication for all parties involved.

Danger alarm

The emergency alarm functionality is another great feature that the H-777 model brings. If the user finds him or herself in a potentially dangerous situation, just by pressing the Emergency Alarm button he or she is able to alert the others and call for help.

As the walkie talkies are programmed to the same frequency out of the factory, there is no need to take extra steps to make them work together. However, the emergency alarm does need a bit of programming in order to set it up, as it involves calling out for help.

Even so, the long-distance range is definitely something that comes in handy in a potentially dangerous situation.


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