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Main advantage

This four-person kit is very well prepared, as it contains plenty of crucial elements that might come in handy in case of a disaster. Apart from food and water, the unit includes a power source, a radio, a flashlight, light sticks as well as essential hygiene supplies that are valuable in case of such a situation. Besides, the food and the water that the kit contains have been vetted by the US Coast Guard.


Main disadvantage

This model has many content users that appreciate it. However, there have been buyers that were unhappy with the fact that they had received a product that had a backpack made from a material that is rather flimsy. Even more so, one user noted that the zipper on the model broke when first used. So, you might have to invest in a sturdier container/backpack where you can place the included items.

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Main features explained



Vital items included in the deal

This product was constructed in such a way so that it holds sufficient provisions for four people to have everything they need in order to survive for three days.

Among the essential supplies that the product contains are high-calories food bars, water, emergency ponchos, survival blankets, an emergency power station, duct tape, a first aid kit, nitrile gloves, emergency light sticks that function for 12 hours as well as N95 dust masks.

As a plus, those interested that decide to settle for this unit will also receive a multi-function pocket tool that has a knife, a bottle opener, pliers, and a screwdriver that you might need to use. Safety goggles, pre-moistened towelettes, and biohazard bags are also included in the backpack.

Storage life

One of the biggest advantages of the unit is the fact that it has a shelf life of up to five years. Consequently, the items that you will receive won’t expire immediately after you purchase them Hence, you won’t have to replace them and thus, invest additional money in them.


The emergency power station

According to the specialists, an emergency power station is crucial to have when dealing with a natural disaster. Because of this, the seller of the kit has included such an item in the backpack that you will receive.

What is more, you should know that this station comes equipped with an AM-FM radio, a flashlight, a phone charger, as well as a siren. Additionally, you should be aware of the fact that the charger works by operating a hand crank.

In other words, if you crank it for one minute, you will be supplied with fifteen minutes of radio, two minutes of time to talk on the phone, or thirty minutes of light. This feature is particularly useful as you are prone to have to deal with having no electrical power during a natural catastrophe.

By investing in this product, you will, thus, be able to call for help and to let others know where you and your loved ones are. This way, they will be apt to intervene and help you get to a safe place.


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