Princeton Tec Quad 4 Review

Last Updated: 25.05.19

Main advantage

This dependable headlight can get you out of a tricky situation as it is reliable and capable of excellent performance. Best of all, it works on three AAA batteries that you could get at any store near you even in the event of a disaster. We would advise carrying several with you, however. The model has a more than decent runtime and can offer you an output of 78 lumens.


Main disadvantage

There have been several buyers who have reported that the light coming from this headlight is rather dim compared to that provided by similar models. Keep in mind that this product can only help you in the event that you need to light your way through the woods, if, for example, you’ve gotten lost. It is not a tactical alternative, so don’t keep your hopes up because it won’t last forever.

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Main features explained



Compact and easy to use

Fortunately, these devices have evolved a lot over the decades, and nowadays most of the models you’ll find available for sale are highly portable and lightweight. Naturally, the same goes for this particular product, and that’s an advantage in itself. No one wants to carry a hefty headlamp on their head, regardless of their outstanding physique or lifting capabilities.

Besides, it shouldn’t take you the completion of a Master’s Degree program to learn how to utilize this unit. It works just as easily and effectively as all of the other survival headlamps you might have come across online or in real life.

4 light modes

Something that does seem to set the Princeton Tec alternative aside from many of its competitors is the fact that it comes fitted with as many as four light modes. Choose the one that you desire depending on the activity that you are undertaking by repeatedly pressing the button located at the top.

The lens covers that are part of the deal with this one can allow you to change the color of the light to blue, red, or even green. Besides, since this product ensures an output of 78 lumens, it seems it is capable of lighting your way just at the time when you might need it the most.


Waterproof design for a myriad of circumstances

Probably the neatest thing about this model is its capability to withstand a variety of climates, including inclement weather. It is waterproof up to one meter and it can do its job even when it is pouring.

Besides, the compact design, as well as the flexible band to which the main light is fastened to will allow you to make the most out of your camping, fishing, and even hiking expeditions. The dark shouldn’t scare you when you’re accompanied by this Princeton Tec unit.


Buy from for ($25.93)





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