Mossy Oak 2-Piece Set Review

Last Updated: 25.05.19

Main advantage

What sets this model apart from other similar ones in its category is the uniquely structured ax design. With an overall length of 13 inches and 12 inches of handle length, the blade is 4.9mm thick, and the tool weighs 1.41 pounds. What this means is that it’s easy to handle, while providing excellent results by efficiently concentrating the user’s effort.


Main disadvantage

As it is sometimes the case when it comes to tools that are super sharp, the sheath is not the best-designed one. According to some users, when the blade is removed there’s a risk of cutting oneself. The solutions here would be to either handle everything with care in this process or look for another sheath that better suits your needs, in case the first one is not to your taste.

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Main features explained


Blade quality

Of course, this is the star element of such a tool, but Mossy Oak did take it seriously when it set out to make a blade that is sharp, effective, and versatile. Its steel construction ensures the necessary strength to get many jobs done, as well as the durability that will allow you to use it for a long time.

Moreover, besides the excellent strength, the 3CR13 blades also offer edge retention and corrosion resistance which means that they won’t give in too easily to most outside factors throughout time. Given the blade’s construction, this tool is great for wood cutting and detail work, among many other things.


Since this set includes two pieces, the hatchet, and the machete, it’s only natural to say that it’s also an extremely versatile solution. You can simply turn the blade head around and the ax can be used as a hammer.

Granted, it can only be used for knocking nails into wood, according to the manufacturer’s recommendation, but it’s still a pretty cool feature that can save up a lot of your time. Since this hammer features a 29.5mm diameter and a thickness that reaches 15.5mm, you can only imagine what we’re talking about here.



As this 2-piece set includes a machete, we think it’s a very good idea to take a moment and talk about it for a bit. Its dimensions are handy yet generous, with an overall length of 14 inches. The blade is 3.5mm thick, and the tool weighs 0.97 pounds which means that there should not be any problems in handling it with ease for whatever job you might need to do.


Ergonomic handle

Although the blade might be the star element, the handle is definitely the trustworthy partner that helps you be more efficient, while protecting your hands and arms from too much effort and fatigue.

In this case, the soft cameo handle delivers excellent strength, while the grip ridges ensure safe maneuvering. Moreover, long-time use fatigue is also reduced, given the ergonomic design, so that’s one thing less to worry about. You can go ahead and plan your next outdoor adventure, knowing that this set is by your side.  


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