Jackery Portable Generator Review


Main advantage

This model is very powerful, as it can supply you with 500Wh, that is, approximately 140,000mAh. Also, the unit has many output charging points, and it offers many charging options that you are likely to find useful. Furthermore, the device includes a detailed LCD power display that supplies you with info on the battery consumption rate, charge and discharge status and so on.


Main disadvantage

One drawback that many buyers pointed to is the fact that this unit does not allow the user to opt for solar charging, as the product does not include the necessary solar panel. However, it is worth saying that the seller does suggest that, for this option, the user has to purchase a special type of panel (that is, a 102W solar panel).

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Main features explained



Power capacity

As we have said before, this model can output 500 Wh, which is, as some say, sufficient in case of a catastrophe caused by a hurricane. Yet, you should know that, during the charging, some of this power is lost. However, this unit is more than adequate to help you keep your phone charged and to supply a number of appliances with the necessary electric power.

An AC adaptor and a user guide that you should read before using this model are also provided by the seller. Besides, the unit is covered by a 24-months product warranty. Also, the manufacturer offers 24/7 customer service that you can consult.

Charging ports

Furthermore, it has been noted that differently from similar units, this generator comes supplied with numerous charging ports. For instance, the model has two USB ports that you can use to charge your phone fast. Still, the device does not feature the Quick Charge mode.

What is more, this model also incorporates a 12V cigarette lighter port that can provide you with 10A 120W. By using this port, you can charge devices that use 12V outlets. Also, the unit also features two DC 6MM ports that you can use when charging your laptop or other appliances that need 120 Watts.

Last but not least, the model has an AC outlet that you can utilize to power devices by using an AC adaptor. This outlet has an output capacity of 300 watts.


Charging the generator

As the manufacturer points out, this model can be charged by using a DC port or by making use of solar energy. However, the fastest way to charge it is by utilizing an adapter. The whole process can take between 6 and 7 hours.

Still, if you intend to charge it by using solar energy, keep in mind that this process might take some more time. In other words, some reviews suggest that this might take between one and two days, depending on the intensity of the sun.

Also, you should know that this unit has a Battery Management System. In other words, the model is splash-proof, surge-protected, and it contains a feature that keeps it safe from short circuits.


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