Ivation Solar & Hand Crank Review


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1.1 Ivation Solar & Hand Crank


Main advantage

You never have to worry about running out of power with this digital weather radio from Ivation. It comes with a variety of charging options so you will always be able to receive the latest weather updates and emergency bulletins. The compact size and lightweight design make it the perfect choice for campers and hikers, and its durable construction can withstand some of the harshest outdoor conditions. Priced to fit most budgets, this rechargeable weather radio will ensure you are never surprised by a sudden storm.


Main disadvantage

It has been noted that the battery in this Ivation weather radio might not be powerful enough to fully charge all mobile devices from Apple. While this does not affect its ability to broadcast alerts issued on NOAA bands, it might not be the best choice for iPhone users.

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Main features explained



Multiple charging options

This weather radio comes with multiple recharging options so you never have to worry about running out of power, even if the electricity is out for days. The internal battery can be fully charged via the USB cable or with the convenient solar panels, and there is also the option of using the hand crank. The hand crank can provide up to 20 minutes of radio time with just 60 seconds of turning so you can always receive the latest news and weather updates.



You will appreciate the lightweight and durable construction, especially if you plan on taking this weather radio with you on camping or hiking trips. Weighing only 6.6 ounces, it is easy to pack the weather radio in with the rest of your gear. The rubberized outer covering protects the radio from scratches, along with preventing water from getting inside. Its waterproof construction and compact size make this the perfect addition to any outdoor survival kit.

1.2 Ivation Solar & Hand Crank



If you want to be prepared and stay safe during an emergency you need a weather radio that is capable of picking up the NOAA frequencies. Not only can you receive 7 NOAA channels, but this model also comes with AM/FM capabilities. You can listen to your favorite radio stations while you are outdoors, and since it will interrupt the program in an emergency you never have to worry about missing an important bulletin. The antennae can also rotate 360 degrees so you can easily pick up local stations and NOAA channels even when you are out in the woods.



You will appreciate the affordable price even more when you see all of the features Ivation included with this solar and hand crank weather radio. It comes with a bright flashlight that can be turned on and off with the press of a button, along with a backlit screen that is easy to read in any lighting. There are 4 adapters so you can keep most mobile devices charged, including MP3 players, and there is a convenient socket for headphones so you can listen to music and weather bulletins without disturbing others.


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