Generac 5940 GP6500 Review


Main advantage

This model is versatile and practical enough to be utilized as a backup power source in cases of home emergencies, outdoor events or camping expeditions. The unit has a sizeable steel fuel tank, and it is programmed to shut itself down when it has little oil left in it. This way, the model can protect itself against damages.


Main disadvantage

This product has many positive reviews from those that have invested in it before. However, one user has noted that, after one year of use, the fuel tank of the device has started leaking. Still, the user did say that, prior to this problem, the unit had performed perfectly. Also, not many had to deal with this issue.

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Main features explained




First things first, it is worth saying that this model is considered very portable. As a result, this unit can also be utilized when out in nature or when the power is out. Additionally, many buyers stated that this model could also be used when working on projects outdoors, where one does not have a connection to a source of electricity.

What is more, this model is a reliable source of power in case of a blackout caused by a natural disaster such as a hurricane. In fact, most users of the model utilize it for such purposes. Overall, the device can provide up to 10 hours of run time, when the fuel tank of the item is 50% loaded.

Also, the model comes with a locking handle, and it is said to have a foldable construction. As a result, the product can be transported easily from one place to another. Furthermore, this device has covered outlets so that the unit is not affected by bad weather.

Technical details

According to the seller, this model features an OHV engine that includes splash lubrication that guarantees that the engine will last a long period of time. Besides, this product comes provided with a large capacity tank that has an incorporated fuel gauge that makes the unit quite durable.

Besides, this generator is also worth your attention, as it comes provided with a low-oil level shutdown function. In other words, the model is programmed to automatically shut itself down so that the engine is not damaged because of the lack of oil. Even more so, the model has 6500 running watts and 8000 starting watts.

To make the model effortless to utilize and safe, the seller has also fitted it with maintenance alerts. As a consequence, the model will let you know, so to say, when something requires your attention.


CSA and CARB Certified

Lastly, as the manufacturer of this device points out, this model has been certified, and, thus, it is safe to use by its buyers. The model has been deemed appropriate by the Canadian Standards Association, which is a certification that is recognized both by Canada and the U.S.A. Also, this generator has been approved by the California Air Resources Board. Therefore,  it is safe to say that this unit is environmentally friendly!


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