Fox Valley Traders 12 LED Review

Last Updated: 18.08.19

Main advantage

This hurricane lamp has the advantage of being not too bright, as it only has 12 LED bulbs. It also includes a light dimmer which allows you to adjust the amount of light demanded by certain situations. As a result, it does great as a sleeping light or for farm animal monitorization.

It will give off just enough light to let you see where you are walking, but it will not blind or wake those asleep. With the built-in dimmer, you can further reduce its brightness if you think this is required.


Main disadvantage

As underlined by several customers, the main drawback of this model is that it is made of plastic and that it does not look authentic. Some people expected it to be made of copper, as the color could leave the impression that this metal was used. Instead, lightweight yet pretty durable plastic was utilized; it was painted to replicate old copper patina to make it look good.

Its small size can also explain the not so authentic look. If you do not mind a miniature, the product itself is excellent and has a good, warm color perfect for ambient illumination.

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Main features explained



Perfect for lighting up a campsite, a small room or as a party decoration, this affordable lantern has a more serious side, being also useful in emergencies or extended power outages. It has a beautiful design which will surely attract attention, and the compact design together with the reduced weight make it have great value for the money.

The lantern contains 12 LED bulbs which give off a white light. The brightness can be adjusted with the built-in light dimmer, adapting to the necessities of any given situation. Covered by a highly transparent outer layer which does not retain any light, it provides enough light for daily needs and could provide helpful support during power outages.


What strikes the eye is this lantern’s design – it looks old-fashioned and gives it an antique look, making it an excellent garden decoration and suitable for applications such as lighting a small backyard pavilion. The featured hanging ring allows you to leave it on a branch or roof hook.

Measuring 4 and ½ inches in diameter and 9 and ½ inches in height, the product can be easily stored on a shelf; furthermore, it can be transported in a small backpack. The compact model is also lightweight, the materials used being hard plastics.



The Fox Valley Traders 12 LED does not give a very bright light; other customers have appreciated this as it can be used for checking out farm animals at night without blinding them or as a sleeping light. However, it is bright enough for you to see when walking across the courtyard.

Available for an attractive price, the lantern is not restrictive; in case you need to light up a bigger space, you might want to consider buying several products. Their pleasant brightness and vintage design make having more worth the effort.


Buy from for ($15.44)



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