Etón American Red Cross ARCFR160WXR Review

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1.1 Etón American Red Cross


Main advantage

The Etón American Red Cross is one of the most versatile yet affordable weather radios on the market today. The unit has a variety of features that make it pretty hard to say no to, and the friendly price means that it is an alternative worth considering even by the people who don’t have a lot of budget for a radio. This model can be charged via various power sources.


Main disadvantage

Some consumers have had minor complaints regarding the flashlight of the Etón American Red Cross. According to several buyers, the light is minimal, but the individuals who reported this concern made it very clear that they were not expecting too much from an LED light sources. In addition, they do not think that this is a reason to refrain from purchasing the model.

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Main features explained



Performance and versatility

Above all, the Etón American Red Cross is more than capable of doing what it is supposed to do. Buyers can utilize the device either as a regular AM/FM radio or as an emergency weather unit. The model delivers weather alerts depending on the location of the user, so you don’t risk hearing the ones that are being broadcasted in a different state or town.

The Etón American Red Cross is capable of tuning to the seven available NOAA channels that currently exist.

The neatest thing about this model is that it can be charged via a multitude of power sources. For example, some consumers might find using the hand crank enjoyable, while others might tend to rely on solar power. Whatever it is, the model keeps working.

1.2 Etón American Red Cross


Unlike other units in the same line, this one can be connected to a wide variety of other devices, all thanks to its USB port. If a buyer is ever interested in charging his or her phone with this radio, he or she can certainly do so using the formerly mentioned port.

Furthermore, this radio can be used by people who require a little intimacy when listening to music, as the model has a 3.5-mm headphone jack. Music might be experienced at a completely different level if one uses one’s headphones.

Consumers are advised that the USB cable is not provided in the pack.


Convenience and portability

Since the Etón American Red Cross is both lightweight and small-sized, it can be used virtually anywhere. It can be taken camping or employed in the field for the people who work outside all day long. Since affordability is one of its core advantages, this model can be bought and used in the car or at home, depending on the requirements of the one purchasing it.

Even though some consumers have reported having issues with the LED light source, the fact of the matter is that this is an emergency radio which shouldn’t be used as a lamp. During harsh times, it can provide just the amount of light one might need in order to reestablish contact with the rest of the world.


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