Energizer LED AAA Review

Last Updated: 25.05.19

Main advantage

Probably the most important benefit that you will get by giving this Energizer model a shot is its lightweight design combined with its excellent performance. The unit works with 3 standard AAA batteries that are included in the offer, so there’s no need for you to make any extra expenses. It’s a versatile and comfortable to use device.


Main disadvantage

While some of the people who reviewed this model say that they were impressed by its quality, others say that the quality of the build seems to be more or less cheap. Apparently, these individuals say that the headlamp is a good light for emergencies or to use around the house, but it wouldn’t make a great long-term alternative for outdoor or wilderness use.

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Main features explained



Portable design

No one likes using a heavy headlamp, so that’s where this Energizer model comes in handy. It is lightweight and comfortable to use and you’ll hardly realize it’s fastened on your head.

In some situations, it might actually save your life given that despite being so lightweight, it is IPX4 water-resistant, which means that it will serve you even in inclement weather. The product is made out of plastic, which might bother some users who might argue that it is not so good at withstanding the test of time.

Light modes

If you’re looking for a headlamp that’s versatile and does precisely what it has been designed to do, look no further as the Energizer unit can meet and even exceed your requirements in this sense.

The device is equipped with as many as five light modes, including night vision. The red LED that it comes fitted with makes it possible for you to enjoy nighttime illumination for outdoor activities ranging from fishing to camping. There’s a digital focus on the headlight that you can take advantage of if you want to transition from flood light to spotlight and the other way around.


Adjustability, ease of use, and cleaning

The band that this model comes equipped with can be set depending on your physical features. What this means for the user is that he or she can make the most of this product whether their head is bigger or smaller. It can even be used by children, and the fact that the bend is stretchable makes for a rather comfy fit.

The band can be removed and cleaned using a washer. It doesn’t take you a Master’s Degree in Physics to learn how to use this device since it only comes with two handy buttons located at the top. Given this feature, even individuals who are less tech-savvy can use it effectively and comfortably.

The head of the light can be pivoted, which means that you can direct the light stream right where you need it.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($19.99)





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