Brunton TruArc 3 Review

Last Updated: 18.08.19



Main advantage

This model stands out among other similar ones thanks to the TruArc Global Needle included in its construction. This element ensures the necessary accuracy in both Northern and Southern hemispheres, which means that with this device you are ready to go anywhere in the world and find your way, making this a reliable tool for outdoor adventures.


Main disadvantage

Although this certainly is a useful item to have around when you are on land or water, according to some reviews, the readability could be improved. Unfortunately, the color scheme is not very clear, and some users might find it hard to read. However, if you think that this is not an issue, it should not stop you from giving this compass a try.

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Main features explained



One of the most important things about this device is the fact that it’s reliable in a wide range of situations. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or just getting the hang of orienting yourself in outdoor spaces, this compass will make things easier and you’ll be able to use it wherever you need it.

Since being able to rely on a device in crucial moments, each of the units in the TruArc line produced by this manufacturer features the tool-free declination adjustment, while the advanced navigation system included resists magnetic interference better than most competitors. This means that polarity will not be lost at any point.

Two unit measurement

Being able to quickly use the tools and devices right when you need to is handy, so it’s a good thing that the TruArc 3 model features both imperial and metric scales. Moreover, its construction makes it an excellent learners compass, so there’s nothing to worry about there, even if you don’t have too much experience in this field.

The two-unit measurement means that you’ll be able to use it to accurately scale things on nearly any map. This can be especially useful if you want to share your adventures with people from all over the world.


Needle quality

Few manufacturers in the world can produce high-quality devices and Brunton is one of them. This is one of the reasons for which the needle design is unique and proprietary to the brand. When it comes to this particular element, it’s hard to test and see for how long it can retain its magnetism, or how durable it is when exposed to water, sunlight or being dropped.

Besides, the Brunton uniquely constructed needle is well-known for its quality, given the cobalt chrome alloy it includes, so you can rest assured that it will not fail you.


Lightweight construction

What makes this compass even more suitable for your travels is its lightweight construction. With an overall weight of only 1.1 ounces, this is the type of device that you can carry around for as long as you need to, without it becoming a burden in the process.

Plus, the lanyard included definitely comes in handy for an even easier transportation, so there’s nothing to worry about.


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