Blazin’ Bison YCL-500 Review

Last Updated: 25.05.19

Main advantage

Reliability is the main strong point of this lantern, and it is a result of a fortunate combination of many features. To begin with, the product can be used at any time for so many different tasks thanks to its compact design and long-lasting batteries. No matter what your emergency is, you can be sure that this thing will work.

Apart from giving you confidence that it will work no matter what, its bright light, rated at about 500 lumens, makes it useful in any emergency lighting situation. You can rely on its power to do whatever you have to get out of harm’s way, or, in the case of a random power outage, you can trust it to provide you with enough light to let you keep working, reading or eating.


Main disadvantage

There is one design flaw repeatedly mentioned by many users and it is the complicated process of replacing the used batteries. The base which encloses the batteries is removable, but doing this can be quite tricky, and it could require, in some cases, additional tools.

Furthermore, there are no instructions provided to help you learn how to change the batteries. Lining up the two parts of the base is difficult for one user alone, especially in a stressful emergency or in darkness. Once the cells have been replaced, some users have experienced difficulties in mounting the cover back on.

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Main features explained



As one of the most popular hurricanes lanterns available, this model has specific features and advantages which make it stand out against other items. It is reliable, durable and efficient, while its affordable price gives it excellent value for the money.

The main feature characterizing this lantern is its excellent brightness, which will allow you to light up an entire room or other places such as your porch or a garden table.

The LEDs together offer approximately 500 lumens which is more or less as much as a light bulb would give. The new frosted white cover included gives you 360 degrees of soft illumination, unlike a regular flashlight which is unidirectional.

Even though it is so powerful and its light is intense, illuminating even the darkest corners of a room during power outages, the Blazin’ Bison YCL-500 can be used for up to 140 hours.

Power source

It uses three D batteries (which are not included in the package) which, depending on the energy consumption mode used (500 Lumens, 300 Lumens, and strobe), can keep it working for more extended periods of time.

To be useful in emergencies such as a hurricane, the product is fitted with a pulsating LED which helps you localize it once the power goes out or when visibility is severely decreased. This feature is also useful in other situations, such as when going camping – it will be easier to locate it amongst the other things stored in the tent.



Durability and ruggedness make it excellent for use in extreme weather – water resistant plastics and rubber, all professional graded, prevent it from being damaged by high winds or heavy rainfall.

Ideal for a prepper’s kit, it will resist constant wear and tear and will not break if accidentally hit. Furthermore, it is lightweight and easy to store, even in a backpack or small emergency kit.

Other cool features include an S-shaped hook for easy hanging, unique safety features to prevent accidents and a customer friendly defect warranty.


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