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Top rated emergency weather radios in 2017


If you are short on time and can’t afford read all the reviews and excellent buying advice written by our team of researchers, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best emergency weather radios. In determining the best products we have looked at product popularity, expert reviews and last but not least feedback straight from the users. We concluded that the best model you can find right now is the Midland ER300. This weather radio is specifically built for emergency conditions. First of all, it is made with a sturdy casing that can withstand extreme weather conditions. The buttons are large enough and properly labeled so you can read them in any conditions, and the large screen also comes in handy when visibility conditions are not ideal. This is more than just a weather radio, and you can use it to listen to your favorite radio stations, when the weather is clear. An outstanding feature of this model that must be mentioned is the special ultrasonic whistle that starts emitting when you are in an emergency situation, helping rescue teams identify your location faster. If the Midland ER300 is unavailable, you can confidently choose the Sangean MMR-88 as it offers similar performance.


A.1 Emergency weather radio

The top features of an emergency weather radio

Being prepared includes owning an emergency weather radio, and there are several models to choose from. In this buying guide you will find informative tips and brief reviews that will help you choose the best weather radio of 2017 so you always know when a storm is approaching.


Power Source

The best emergency weather radio will never run out of power. While most models feature a hand crank, there are some that include convenient solar panels that let you store energy until you need it and others have the added advantage of also using batteries.



You want the emergency radio to feature a lightweight and durable construction so it can last through any type of weather. Water resistant housings are always convenient, and sturdy casings can withstand occasional falls. The best weather radio will also include a handy strap so you can easily carry it with you wherever you go.



Along with ensuring that the radio can receive national weather alerts, there are some other features to consider. AM/FM capabilities are always nice to have, along with bright flashlights and LED displays. Preset stations are also convenient, and some weather radios include a convenient phone charger.

Even though we can’t choose a weather radio for you, we can show some of the top rated models.



Our top choices



Midland ER300


1.Midland ER300 Emergency SolarYou never have to worry about missing an important weather alert with this durable weather radio. It features a sturdy construction that is designed to withstand any storm, and it is also easy to use in emergency situations. The large buttons are clearly labeled, and you will appreciate the large bright screen which is easy to read in any lighting.

This emergency radio will receive any alerts and updates from the national weather service, even if you are listening to your favorite station. It includes AM/FM capabilities so you can enjoy music and your favorite programs, even during a strong thunderstorm. You will appreciate the bright LED flashlight during power failures, especially since it is designed to flash Morse code in emergencies. As an added bonus the weather radio also includes an ultrasonic whistle that can help aid search and rescue teams after the storm has passed. With the ability to run off of batteries, solar or hand cranked power this weather radio will always be ready to go.

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Sangean MMR-88


2.Sangean MMR-88One of the first aspects you’ll notice is the sturdy and durable construction, along with the backlit display that is easy to see in any lighting. It features AM/FM capabilities, and includes 19 preset stations along with a digital tuner. Certified as a Public Alert Radio, you can rest assured that you will always have access to the latest weather updates. Along with bulletins and updates, the radio will also sound an audible alert that will ensure you are aware of any weather threats.

The included clock and headphone jack are convenient extras, and you will appreciate being able to use the radio to keep your phone charged. The included LED flashlight is always helpful in power failures, and will even use Morse code to signal an emergency. It is capable of running off of battery, manual and solar power so you never have to worry about missing an important alert. It will also shut off automatically after 90 minutes to help conserve power. Lightweight and easily portable you can take this emergency weather radio virtually anywhere and always stay up to date on any approaching storms.

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iRonsnow IS-088


3.iRonsnow IS-088


The bright LED flashlight will help keep you safe during power outages, and can even be used to signal your location during an emergency. The large dials make it easy to tune in the local stations and control the volume. Along with the standard hand crank, this emergency radio can also run off of battery or solar power. There is also a convenient charger for your cell phone so you can stay connected with family and emergency personnel. Listed as a top seller on Amazon, this emergency weather radio might be exactly what you need to be prepared for the next storm.

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