Apolled FBA_14 Review

Last Updated: 25.05.19

Main advantage

A significant advantage of this hurricane lantern is its compact, lightweight design which allows you to carry it in a small backpack or even in a large pocket. This aspect also reduces the space needed for storage and makes it fit inside small spaces (for example, when used to light the engine of your car during regular maintenance operations).

The compact and lightweight outer shell increases portability, enabling the user to carry it in all kinds of situations; in an emergency, it will not hamper mobility. Allowing you to move around freely is a must-do for any hurricane lantern.


Main disadvantage

Being powered by 3 AA batteries, this product only has a maximum working time of 10 to 12 hours, depending on the quality of the cells used. In a normal situation, this could be enough, but if the power outage continues for a couple of days in a row, it will prove problematic. If you do not have spares, the lantern is quickly rendered useless.

During an emergency, the last thing you need is the batteries running out when you are using the lantern. To prevent this from happening, change them regularly; take advantage of the widespread availability of AA batteries and their low price to keep a stock at hand.

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Main features explained



This lantern is an excellent choice for those looking for a compact, easy to use yet efficient hurricane lamp. Small, made with high-quality materials and attention to detail, it can be taken anywhere and used in many situations. The affordable price makes it an option worth taking into consideration.

This model features a collapsible LED which can be retracted during storage and transport, giving you a very compact product, which will not occupy much space at all. The foldable handles are also helpful for reducing the space needed to store it – this way, it can be easily fitted in an ordinary backpack or even in a large pocket.


Another great feature is the high-quality ABS plastic used for the outer shell. It provides a reduced overall weight without sacrificing durability. Scratchproof, the covers will protect the LEDs and electronic components against minor impacts and daily wear and tear. Furthermore, the item is waterproof so that it can be safely used during heavy rainfall or in humid environments.

Powered by 3 AA batteries (which are included in the pack), it can light up to 10 hours during continuous use. If high-quality cells are used, the product could last for up to 12 hours, giving you enough usage time during emergencies or power outages. The advantage of using AA batteries is their low price and high availability.



Regarding brightness, the lantern generates about 60 lumens, through 30° white light LEDs. These are placed behind a clear plastic cover with a maximum transparency degree to offer you maximum illumination.

To ensure maximum satisfaction, the Apolled FBA_14 is subject to a return and refund policy, should it fail to live up to your expectations. If suffering from manufacturer defects, it will be replaced free of charge.


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